Copeland’s of New Orleans Helps the Red Cross

What’s better than eating out, while contributing to the Red Cross? These days, when victims of hurricanes need our help the most, you can help in the relief effort by treating yourself to a night out….

YMCA Locations Near Brentwood, TN

Did you know that there are three YMCAs in the Brentwood area? And they’re all within a few miles of each other…..which completely ruins all my excuses for not working out regularly….

Brentwood Grille

I’m sure you’ve seen the Brentwood Grille sign if you’ve been at the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd and Franklin Road. I believe it was Pargo’s in the past. I hadn’t ever been to Pargo’s, but we checked out Brentwood…

I Saw Brother Henry At Borders In Brentwood!

Saturday night we went to the Cafe inside the Borders bookstore in Brentwood. I found that a group called Brother Henry was having an in-store performance and I figured we should go and check it out. This was an…

The Shoppes of Brentwood Hills

For the last few months of construction at The Shoppes of Brentwood Hills shopping center, I was excited to see all of the other retail stores opening there. I was looking forward to the Target store, but the addition of…

Watching Titans Games At Brentwood TN Sports Bars

The very best time of year is right around the corner! That’s right, it’s almost time for football. The best way to enjoy football is at the game, but sometimes (like when your team is in Pittsburgh, just as an…

New Brentwood, TN Starbucks!

Northern Brentwood has a new Starbucks! Is it strange to pay four dollars for a cup of coffee? You bet it is, and I do it regularly….