The Best Nashville Coupon Books, Plus Ways To Save Money Around Brentwood

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grunge-dollar-sign-by-ba1969.jpg Pocketbooks are getting tighter as entertainment costs are going up.

This is leaving families extra creative as they try to find ways to have affordable fun.

As a relative newcomer to the Brentwood area, I’ve been thrilled with all the coupon books and half-off dining options that I have found.

There are lots of great discounts around that have allowed me to try some pretty great places in Brentwood.


Where To Find Coupon Books

There are 3 main coupon books filled with Nashville (and Brentwood) that I have found:

Schools, sports teams, church groups and other fundraising organizations sell these books, but they can also be purchased at other venues as well.

All 3 books can be purchased from their websites for around $20. Online the entertainment book is now being sold at a discounted price of $12.50 plus shipping.

The books can also be found at area Walgreens.


How To Find Great Deals Online

In addition to the Nashville area coupon books, there are also some great websites for local deals as well:

The Howl of a Deal offers change frequently, so check back frequently.  The same is true for the Half Off Nashville deals and the City RewardsProgram. They all have great offers!

What Kind Of Deals Are Available?

Each of the coupon books has coupons for chain fast food places like McDonalds, Applebees, Shoneys, Backyard Burgers and Subway. There are a lot of buy one-got one free deals.

I like trying new places and the discount from the books gives me a great incentive to check out area restaurants.

Here are some of the things to check out from each book:


Best Deals In The Citipass Book

Brick’s Café – buy one meal get one free
Kalamatas – buy one get one free lunch
Zoe’s Kitchen – buy one get one free offer.
Front Porch – buy one lunch get one free, as well as a free dessert with dinner offer
Alpine Bagel – buy one menu item get one free.

nashville-citipass-book-of-coupons.jpg coupon-book-nashville-citipass.jpg


Best Deals In The Entertainment Book

nashville-entertainment-book-coupons.jpg Harpeth Grill – buy one get one free offer
Cinco de Mayo – 2 for one lunch or dinner offer.
Mediterranean Cuisine – buy one platter get one 1/2 off deal
Sweet Pea’s Café –  2 for one menu offer
Cozymel’s Mexican Grill – 2 for one lunch or dinner
Beef O Brady’s – 2 for one lunch or dinner


Best Deals In The Enjoy The City Book

Without a doubt, the 2 best deals in The City Book are:

You don’t have to purchase anything to get those!

This book has a lot more offers at fast food chains and restaurants that are not necessarily specific to Brentwood, but it had some great deals in it.

nashville-enjoy-the-city.jpg enjoy-the-city-nashville-coupons.jpg


Best Online Deals

The best thing about all the website offers is that they do not even require you to purchase a book! is the one that I have used most often. With, you buy gift certificates that you can print out right on the spot. The site offers lots of $25 gift certificates for $10 and $50 gift certificates for $25 as well.

Another one of my favorite online deals for for a huge savings is With Retail Me Not, you get discount codes for online ordering from most major shopping places. In this case, if you go to Retail Me Not and plug in, they will often give you discount codes. Several times, I have been able to buy $10 gift certificates using a code for 80% off so they only cost $2. This means that I can purchase a $25 gift certificate for a total cost of $2.

The catch to is that it often requires you to purchase a minimum amount of food. For example, if I’m using a $25 gift certificate I have to spend at least $35. That makes my out of pocket expense for the meal $2 for the initial certificate and $10 for the meal, but I’m getting $35 worth of food for $12 which is a great deal.

I have used the certificates many times and always had a great experience.

A sample of the Brentwood restaurants with deals right now include:


Keep in mind, these are just samples of all the great deals to be had in terms of restaurants around Brentwood. I haven’t even talked about all the deals offered on area entertainment and services like haircuts, dry cleaning, and movie rentals. Make sure to check them out. Also, make sure to look at all the fine print on the coupons. Some of them have some conditions that are good to be aware of before you use them.

In my family, we have found that buying more than one book (one for each car) pays for itself. We also finds it gets us out of our “where should we go for dinner” rut and helps us find some new restaurants to try!