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Fun Things To Do With Kids In The Brentwood Place Shopping Center

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By Bonnie

Brentwood-Place-Shopping-Center.png Rain, rain, go away!

While I’m sure the rain is much needed, all of the wet, cold, rainy days we’ve had lately are not my idea of the beginning of a happy new year.

Luckily, older kids are back in school now but if you are at home with a preschooler, you might be looking for some dry things to do to pass the time.

We like to explore new places to find the little gems hidden within. It seems that if you keep your eyes open, even the strangest places can be a diamond in the rough for entertaining a child on a rainy day.

We dropped by the UPS Store not long ago for their 29-cent color copies, and I could hardly get my child to leave the store. They have a rack of greeting cards in there with the funniest animal pictures on them. We went back recently just to look at those cards again.


Other gems in the Brentwood Place Shopping Center…

chick-fil-a-brentwood-tn.png Chick-fil-A has a really nice indoor playground. Their kid’s meals have the option of cole slaw or a fruit cup instead of fries. They have Family Night every Tuesday, offering 99-cent kid’s meals. And don’t forget that if you don’t like the toy in the kid’s meal, you can trade it in for an ice cream cone.

Borders has an excellent children’s section, including bargain books, and they don’t mind if you sit in the floor and read to your child for a while. Then head over to the music section so you can listen to the CDs wearing "earmuffs", also known as headphones.

fish-tanks-pet-supermarket-brentwood-tn.png Pet Supermarket is one of the newest additions to Brentwood Place. It is a very clean, friendly store with birds, hamsters, gerbils, bunnies, ferrets, fish, frogs, crickets, and even some rats to look at (if you like that kind of thing). But don’t blame me if you come home with the cutest hamster that ever lived.

Subway has several healthy options on their kid’s meal menu. With choices like baked chips, raisins, apples, and milk, you can’t go wrong here. McAlister’s Deli, Chili Burrito, City Café, and Brueggers Bagel Bakery also have kid-friendly offerings on their menus. And don’t forget to stop by Smoothie King for a Kid’s Kup smoothie. They even have a punch card, buy 9 get 1 free.

kroger-bakery-free-cookies-for-kids.png If you have some grocery shopping to do, Kroger offers kid-sized carts for the little ones to push around the store. They also have "car carts" for your little ones to sit in and pretend to drive. Don’t forget the sanitizing wipe at the front door to wipe it down first, though. Also at the front door you can see yourself in the security camera TV. Be sure to stop there and wave to yourself. In the floral department, ask for a free Kroger balloon to attach to the cart. Then head over to the seasonal aisle to listen to the singing Santas, cupids, bunnies, or whatever else is there depending on the season. And, lastly, swing by the bakery to get a cookie for your little helper (and yourself too).

Around the corner, My Gym offers fitness classes for children with a membership and "pay to play" on Wednesdays at 1:45 that is open to the public for $8. Spell’s Dance Theatre Shop has some really cute stuffed animals and purses, mixed in with their dance attire, for your little ballerina.

And if you just need a break, the Children’s Playroom is a DHS-licensed drop-in child care facility. For $8 an hour, you can have some peace and quiet during a pull-your-hair-out rainy day. Your children will have a blast, and maybe you can get your nails done or go shopping at some of the other stores Brentwood Place has to offer.