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Brentwood Tennessee’s Most Modern Outhouse

historic-outhouse-tennessee.jpgWe stopped at Brentwood’s Primm Park last week.

I wanted to show my brother the Boiling Springs Academy, circa 1833.

He snapped a photo of the “historic” Tennessee outhouse just behind it.

Want to know the secret behind its crescent-moon-carved door?

(No, it’s not haunted!)

The Brentwood schoolmarm was quick to point out that the original Boiling Springs Academy would not have had its own bathroom.

When the schoolhouse was under renovation, planners realized that visiting schoolchildren would need a working bathroom.

Their clever solution: Build an outhouse around a porta potty!

Isn’t that smart?

I’m thinking that southern companies which provide temporary bathrooms for events could make a mint from Brentwood’s brainstorm.

Tongue-in-cheek hostesses and event chairs would gladly pay extra for creative atmosphere.

After all, it’s not as if porta potties are all that pretty to begin with!

By now, you must be thinking I have some kind of obsession with outhouses and porta potties.

If you had to take 2 small kids everywhere you go, believe me, you would notice them, too!

Listen to Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius “Mr. Portable Toilet Cleaner Outer”: