Boiling Springs Academy In Primm Park

by Meredith

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We finally investigated that tall, brick building on Moores Lane. It’s the historic Boiling Springs Academy in Brentwood’s Primm Park.

We were thrilled to go inside this historic landmark!

Here’s a virtual tour of the 1832 schoolhouse after its recent restoration.

Third grade classes at each of Brentwood’s elementary schools participate in “history immersion” field trips to Primm Park.

As we pulled into Primm Park, we looked at each other…and back to the schoolhouse.

A large group of children wearing overalls and long dresses were eating lunch from pails on the school grounds!

It was field trip day. While the children did their “chores” outside, their friendly schoolmarm Miss Douglas invited us inside to take a look at the historic building.

brentwood-primm-park-hours.jpgPrimm Park is located on Moores Lane East just past of the intersection with Wilson Pike. From Wilson Pike, you can see the discreet gravel drive and Boiling Springs Academy on the left.

If you approach Primm Park from Cool Springs on Moores Lane, you will have a hard time spotting the building.

It is obscured by a prehistoric Native American burial mound and roadside trees. Watch for the first entrance past Montclair subdivision.

A section of Brentwood’s greenway trails runs behind and through Primm Park. We spotted people biking toward Ravenwood High School from the Moores Lane greenway. The entrance to Primm Park is open from 6 am to 9 pm each day.

—>The Brentwood Library archives has a stunning photo set of Boiling Springs Academy “before” shots. I never knew the building been that dilapidated. What a testimonial to the quality of those original boards and beams!

historic-schoolhouse-brentwood.jpgBoiling Springs Academy was donated by the Primm family, which owns the 1806 farm and historic home across Moores Lane.

The Boiling Springs Academy building had been used as a hay barn, a church, and in its original capacity, as a boarding school for sons of wealthy plantation owners.

Modern students who visit the schoolhouse sit in old-fashioned desks and use real slates, chalk, and McGuffey’s readers for the day’s lessons.

boiling-springs-academy-blackboard.jpg We climbed up the narrow staircase, only to find Boiling Spring’s Academy’s original painted blackboard. Amazing!

—>Here’s an interesting bit of trivia about a modern addition to the grounds of Boiling Springs Academy!

haunted-houses-brentwood.jpgThe 2003 restoration revealed an original chalk signature on the upstairs wall, dated 1904.

Touring Boiling Springs Academy

I called the City of Brentwood Parks Department to see if and when the building would be open to the general public. Due to increased interest, the Parks Department plans to institute visiting days on the 3rd Sunday of each month, from 2 to 4 pm.
Otherwise, watch for information about the Historic Brentwood Tour of Homes, which traditionally includes Boiling Springs Academy. This tour occurs only every other year, and the next one is scheduled for the first weekend of October 2008.

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