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Brentwood TN Day Trip: Beech Bend Park

old-fashioned-amusement-park.jpgWhat can I say? Advertising works!

My five-year-old has been asking us to take him to Beech Bend Park and Splash Lagoon in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Turns out, Beech Bend Park is the closest amusement park to Middle Tennessee.

After our weekend trip, we think Beech Bend Park is definitely worth the hour-long drive from Brentwood!


What Beech Bend Park Is Like

Beech Bend Park is an old-fashioned amusement park set on a beautiful green farm.

If your kids have been to Disney World, they may not be impressed with the carnival atmosphere.

We thought Beech Bend’s small scale, awesome water features, and open space made it the perfect park for young children.



Except for the Kentucky Rumbler wooden rollercoaster and the Wild Mouse, Beech Bend Park has the same rides you’d find at a county fair.

Unlike most fairs, though, Beech Bend has paved walkways, mature shade trees, and conveniently placed benches and picnic tables.

waterparks-near-nashville.jpgHands down, our favorite part of Beech Bend Park was the Splash Lagoon water playground. Our kids spent 3 hours riding the oversize animal floats, jumping the fountains, and shooting the water cannons.

There is a separate adult pool and a 3-slide water tower for more adventurous families.

mini-golf-kentucky.jpgAfter the pool, we dried out by playing a round of miniature golf (also included in admission.)

I liked the rustic-style course–especially its mature shade trees.

My husband was brave, though–he tried the White Water Express while the kids and I stood in the “spray zone” to cool off.


It reminded me a lot of Opryland’s old Flume Zoom.

Kids may also enjoy panning for gemstones at this old-fashioned mining sluice.

Adults might take a rest under a shaded pavilion and listen to live country music played every few hours.



How Much Does Beech Bend Park Cost?

Regular adult admission (with unlimited rides) costs $24.

Children’s unlimited rides cost $21, with ages 2 and under free.

You can also purchase a $10 stamp for entrance into the park and pool without rides.

TIP: We used a buy-one-get-one-free coupon to Beech Bend Park. Ours came from the Nashville Citipass, but I noticed more Beech Bend coupons in the Entertainment Book.


How To Get To Beech Bend Park


Our trip to Beech Bend Park took a little over an hour. When we hit construction on I-65, we took a scenic detour through Franklin, Kentucky and took Highway 31 straight to Beech Bend Park.



Take I-65 North to exit 28. Head south on Highway 31W. Turn right on Riverview Drive and follow the pretty country lane straight to Beech Bend Park.


Fun Things To Do In Bowling Green

Next time we visit Beech Bend Park, I’d like to explore the surrounding area.

Here are some places on my “must do” list: