Indoor and Outdoor Gun Ranges Near Brentwood, TN

by Meredith

Father's Day, Nashville TN

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yhst-59525373201481_1953_184304037.jpgGo ahead, make Dad’s day!

For a Father’s Day he’ll never forget, slip a paper target inside his card and give him a few rounds at a firing range.

Following are details for all of Nashville’s indoor and outdoor shooting facilities, including personal recommendations to make the most of each gun range.

Indoor ranges only let you shoot hand guns, with the exception of rimfire rifles (such as .22 LR, .22 Magnum, or .17 HMR).

Some ranges may allow carbines that shoot handgun ammunition such as a 9 millimeter.

Check before you go.



Stones River Hunter Education Center is an incredible state-sponsored outdoor range. It’s located on Hobson Pike, off Murfreesboro Road, just a few miles past Antioch High School.

Here’s why Stones River is our favorite place to shoot in Nashville:

    • From entrance to exit, it’s a very professional operation.
    • Nashville’s cheapest gun range, with a flat fee of $5.50 for 2 hours.
    • Safety: All guns are inspected by a Range Safety Officer.
    • Separate range for handguns and long guns; also archery.
    • Covered shooting area, with fans that run during hot months.
    • Handicapped accessible.
  • Biggest drawback: only open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

In contrast, the Cheatham Wildlife Management Area is completely unsupervised.

Here are a few notes from our experiences at this rural range near Ashland City:

    • Once free, now charges $5.50 for 2 hours, which is why so many people make the long drive there.
    • Rustic range uses earthen embankments and wooden frames.
    • No supervision means no-holds-barred shooting. People shoot as much as they want, as fast as they want.
    • To be fair, we saw many shooters observing standard firearm safety.
  • Biggest drawback: shooters with semiautomatic rifles and the presence of small children worried us.

Nashville Gun Club at the Tennessee Clay Complex is a public range on County Hospital Road.

    • For sporting clays, skeet, trap, double trap and 5 stand.
    • Conveniently located just off Briley Parkway near west Nashville.
    • Open to anyone, though membership can be cheaper.
    • Good place to spot local celebrities who love to shoot skeet!
  • Biggest drawback: limited to sporting clays.


Owls Hollow Gun Club is a private club in Williamson County, 10 miles south of Franklin. It offers access to an outdoor range with a $40 membership fee per year. Check their homepage for details on how to apply. A certain father I know may be getting a membership to Owls Hollow!



Gun City is located on Murfreesboro Road near the intersection of Fessler’s Lane.

    • One of only 2 public indoor ranges in the city.
    • Nashville’s older, more established range.
    • $15 flat fee good for the entire day.
    • Gun rentals available in varying calibers and models.
    • Buy targets there, but purchase ammunition elsewhere for a better price.
  • Biggest drawback: NOT open on Sunday, expensive ammunition.


Academy of Self-Protection is located on Whites Creek Pike, just off I-24 (Joelton exit 35.) Here’s why we sometimes make the 25 minute drive from Brentwood to shoot at this indoor range:

    • Nashville’s ONLY indoor range which is also open in the evening and on Sunday afternoons.
    • Joelton location = less crowded.
    • Cheapest indoor range, $12 for a whole day of shooting.
    • Gun rental available.
  • Biggest drawback: length of time to get there.


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