Nashville Theme Christmas Tree Ideas

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After seeing all the beautiful Brentwood Christmas decorations, I’m treating our same old tree to a fresher look.

Here are some unique theme Christmas trees with a Nashville flavor:

  • Fa la la la with a Music City theme tree
  • Clip clop through our scenic hills with an equestrian theme tree
  • Sight see Nashville with a local landmark theme

Nashville Christmas Tree Theme #1: The Music City Tree…

Okay, so this one’s not very original. You can find Christmas tree ornaments in all kinds of musical motifs, from scrolls of sheet music to guitars.

Put on Brenda Lee’s classic, Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree or Michael W. Smith’s new Christmas album while you work.

Here are some music theme tree ideas specific to Nashville:

Brentwood Christmas Tree Theme #2: Horses

From Belle Meade Mansion to Traveller’s Rest to the original Maryland Farms, Nashville has a strong link to thoroughbred horse breeding. Why not celebrate this regional history with an equestrian tree?

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Nashville Christmas Tree Theme #3: Local Landmarks
I’ll have to give my five-year-old credit for this idea! He suggested we make a “Batman Building” for the top of our tree, since we see its twin spires from every side of town.

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Hope these themes have given you some ideas for your Nashville Christmas tree!

For more designer ideas, take our Brentwood Christmas Tree Tour or have a closer look at Inside-Out’s fabulous Christmas tree display.

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