Lynnwood Way: An Overlook Near Brentwood, TN

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Here are a few photos that were taken near the intersection of Franklin Road and Lynnwood Way (Moore’s Lane) near Brentwood, Tennessee.

Lynnwood Way marker at the roadside park near Brentwood, TN.
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The Lynnwood Way roadside park provides an excellent overlook of the surrounding area…

A scenic roaside park near Brentwood, TN -- near the intersection of Franklin Road and Lynnwood Way.
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…it’s especially enjoyable in the Fall, when the colors are truly brilliant.

Check out these recent changes at the Lynwood Way & Franklin Road intersection

It’s usually very quiet around these parts, but lately there’s been a considerable amount of construction as the businesses appear to be booming at this popular intersection.

Lynnwood Way stone marker.
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I’m not 100% certain if this roadside pull-off actually resides in Brentwood or Franklin, TN. But at the bottom of the hill, you’ll find these roadside markers:

Brentwood city limits sign.
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Brentwood milemarker number zero at the Brentwood, TN city limits.
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