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Lynnwood Way: An Overlook Near Brentwood, TN

Here are a few photos that were taken near the intersection of Franklin Road and Lynnwood Way (Moore’s Lane) near Brentwood, Tennessee.

Lynnwood Way marker at the roadside park near Brentwood, TN.

The Lynnwood Way roadside park provides an excellent overlook of the surrounding area…

A scenic roaside park near Brentwood, TN -- near the intersection of Franklin Road and Lynnwood Way.
…it’s especially enjoyable in the Fall, when the colors are truly brilliant.

Lynnwood Park near brentwood.

Check out these recent changes at the Lynwood Way & Franklin Road intersection

It’s usually very quiet around these parts, but lately there’s been a considerable amount of construction as the businesses appear to be booming at this popular intersection.

Lynnwood Way stone marker.
I’m not 100% certain if this roadside pull-off actually resides in Brentwood or Franklin, TN. But at the bottom of the hill, you’ll find these roadside markers:

Brentwood city limits sign. Brentwood milemarker number zero at the Brentwood, TN city limits.