Brentwood TN Blueberries and Blueberry Muffins

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When I saw blueberries advertised at 98-cents a pint, I knew I’d have to make a fun run to Fresh Market.

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  • my favorite blueberry muffin recipe
  • where to buy the best blueberry muffins in Brentwood
  • and a pick your own blueberry farm just outside Brentwood

If you’re not a cook, just skip Fresh Market.

Walk next door to Puffy Muffin and buy yourself a big blueberry muffin instead.

Honestly, they make their blueberry muffins better than I do.

I even checked out the Puffy Muffin cookbook, Memories In The Making, by owner Lynda Stone in hopes that I could duplicate the texture.

Guess what? The blueberry muffin recipe is NOT the same as the muffin served in the restaurant.

After trying recipe after recipe, I know two things about making blueberry muffins:

1. Wait until you have fresh blueberries. It’s worth it.
2. Push your blueberries in the batter after the muffin cups are filled.

Now, as to the best blueberry muffin recipe in the world?

I like this “to die for blueberry muffin” recipe from The photo above shows this recipe made up in mini-muffin tins with the Fresh Market blueberries at the top.

Where To Buy Fresh Blueberries In Brentwood:

This summer I plan to pick some fresh blueberries right here in Williamson County. Yup, you read that right! There is a pick-your-own blueberry farm off Clovercroft Road, between Cool Springs and Hwy. 96/Murfreesboro Rd.

When I called last year, the owner told me that the late freeze ruined the entire crop. Call Golden Bell Blueberry Farm at (615) 794-3758 for more information about picking your own blueberries in 2008.

—>Click here if you’re looking for pick-your-own-blueberry-farms in other parts of Tennessee.

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