Best Nashville Tennessee Wedding Resources

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We’ve accumulated a lot of firsthand experience with weddings in and around Nashville, Tennessee including:

  • Historic homes for wedding rentals
  • Downtown Nashville receptions
  • Best (and cheapest) florists in Nashville
  • Where to take your wedding portrait
  • And much more!


Just click on the link below any of the following questions, and you’ll be taken to a page full of helpful information and advice.

All of these ideas come from our own personal experiences with local area businesses — NOT ads or paid reviews.


Our Best Nashville Area Wedding Resources

#1 – Where can you get married in a historic home in the Nashville area?
Weddings at Brentwood’s Historic Cool Springs House


#2 – Where can I have a wedding reception in downtown Nashville?
An Elegant Evening Hors D’Oeuvre Reception at the Nashville City Club


#3 – Where is the best place to take your wedding portrait in Nashville?
Best Bridal Portrait Locations In Nashville


#4 – What special gift should you leave in your wedding guests’ hotel rooms?
How To Create Nashville Welcome Baskets For Your Out-Of-Town Guests


#5 – Are there any restaurants in Brentwood which cater for weddings and rehearsal dinners?
Brentwood Area Restaurants With Catering Services


#6 – Which Nashville florist does the most elegant or artistic wedding arrangements?
Nashville’s Most Elegant Florists


#7 – Where do I buy inexpensive flowers for making my own wedding flower arrangements?
Arrange Your Own Inexpensive Flowers From Aldi and Sams Club


And on a related note…

Know someone who’s thinking about proposing soon?

Here are the best places for a marriage proposal in Tennessee. I agree with their recommendation of Arrington Vineyards in Nashville!