Watching Titans Games At Brentwood TN Sports Bars

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The very best time of year is right around the corner!

That’s right, it’s almost time for Tennessee Titans football.


The best way to enjoy football is at the game, but sometimes (like when your team is in Pittsburgh, just as an example) being at the game is not possible.

Keeping that in mind, knowing your neighborhood sports bars is crucial.

I grew up watching the TV show ‘Cheers‘, so I think it’s nice to have somewhere to go “where everybody knows your name.”

I haven’t found that spot yet, but I have been to a couple of the Brentwood area sports bars (not quite as impressive as having stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, but close.)

Before I get to the bars, let me say this: I know that I can watch the game in the comfort of my own home. However, I am compelled to point out that watching the game with a group of outgoing fans is a ton of fun. It doesn’t even matter if those fans are on “my side”. The enthusiasm that people have for their teams is what makes it fun. No matter what the sport or the team, everyone has a favorite.

Now, on to the best Brentwood, TN bars for watching Titans games…


#1 – Cross Corner Bar & Grill (330 Franklin Road, Brentwood)

This place is very comfortable. The service is friendly, and there are 27 TVs so you’re sure to have a view no matter where you sit. There is also a HUGE big screen TV in the middle of the room. Menu is mostly what I call “bar food” (nachos, burgers, etc), and the food is pretty decent.


#2 – The Athletic Club Bar & Grill (820 Crescent Centre Drive, Franklin)

The Athletic Club is located in the Embassy Suites Hotel in Cool Springs. There are two big screen TVs and 12 more “regular-sized” ones. The food is excellent; they offer appetizers and burgers as well as steaks and salads.


#3 – Jonathan’s Grille (7135 S Springs Drive, Franklin)

The food is good, a traditional “Bar & Grill” menu. I’ve only sat in the bar area, which was great for watching a game. There were plenty of TVs in the bar. And more good news – Since Jonathan’s is located so close to Cool Springs Mall, you can shop if your team is losing horribly.



I know there are many other sports bars in the area, these are just my favorites. If you have a someplace that you would like to recommend, be sure to leave a comment, so we can all go and check it out.