8 Most Unique Tennessee Hotels… Including 4 In Nashville

If you’re looking for unique hotels, there are several in the state of Tennessee. Eight are profiled here, including 4 in Nashville. The next time you’re passing through, or if you live in the area and have guests visiting, don’t overlook these hidden gems.

Summer Vacation: Visiting Nashville With Kids

We are visiting Nashville this spring. Where should I take my toddler, my preschooler, or my school age child?

Here’s a short list of Nashville attractions and museums geared toward children.

Taking Photos Of Opryland’s Christmas Lights Display

Where is the best place in Nashville to take a Christmas photo?

You may be surprised to find that it’s NOT the Opryland Hotel! The Opryland Hotel has all kinds of fun, free things to do for Christmas in the Nashville area–but its dark conservatories and artificial lighting make picture taking hard.

Never been to the Christmas light display at Opryland? I’ve included a YouTube video that shows Opryland’s Christmas lights in all their greenhouse glory!

Here are some tips about visiting Opryland’s Christmas light display–and where I think makes the best spot for photos in the Opryland Hotel.

Holiday Inn’s Beds Impress In Brentwood, TN

I investigated the Brentwood Holiday Inn for our summer guests. Though it’s a nice hotel, it lacks the chain’s new Simply Smart bed. Here’s why Holiday Inn Express triple-sheet bedding has become my new standard of excellence in chain hotels…

Brentwood, TN WiFi Hotspots

Brentwood, TN is a pretty small town, but we have this technology thing down. Most hotels offer WiFi (and we certainly have enough hotels here), but you’ll also find service at many retail locations throughout town. Next time you’re in…

Hotels in Brentwood Tennessee

Is is me, or are there alot of hotels in Brentwood? For such a small town – there sure are plenty of places to stay….