Standard School Attire For Nashville Schools

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Metro Nashville Public Schools have recently adopted a Standard School Attire (SSA). Since many Brentwood families are zoned for Davidson County, I thought it might be helpful to discuss what standard school attire means–and where we can buy standard school attire for our kids.

Hint: I found a Brentwood uniform shop which might have SSA clothing when other retailers sell out!

Beginning Fall 2007, the school board will require that all public school students in Davidson Co. wear clothing within specific guidelines. Students who do not comply will face in-school suspension.

What CAN Nashville students wear to school?

  • Shirts with collars in solid colors–no stripes, no patterns. All students can wear navy or white shirts. Individual schools will select four additional colors appropriate for their students. Insignia must be less than 2 inches in diameter
  • Pants, skirts, or shorts in khaki, navy blue, or black

—>Metro Schools just released the list of additional shirt colors for each school. Here’s a link to Nashville’s shirt color list, plus “real parent” tips for interpreting specific SSA guidelines. It’s tricky!

WHERE can I buy Nashville school uniforms for Metro schools?

Target now carries an in-store uniform line called French Toast, along with a few suitable items from Target house brands. Target has French Toast slacks in khaki and navy for $14.99 and French Toast knit shirts in navy and white for $6.99. For girls, Target offers a Peter Pan collar blouse with delicate trim, a feminine knit shirt, a darling pleated skirt with self-tying belt, and the traditional navy jumper. Target also sells feminine cable-knit cardigans in navy and white. You can view the entire Target uniform selection online, but not every item will be available in stores.

On my July trip to Walmart, employees were unpacking the first of its SSA clothing. There were a few racks in the boys’ clothing department, but the bulk of its uniform selection (both male and female) was in the girls’ clothing department. Walmart offers uniforms similar to Target’s, but a dollar or more cheaper per piece. Standard knit polo shirts cost $5.88, khaki pants cost $11.88. Walmart also sells the cute pleated uniform skirt I saw at Target.

—>For Tennessee’s tax free weekend, Walmart’s uniform prices have dropped to $4.50 a shirt.

Old Navy always features khakis–the closest store is in Cool Springs near Best Buy. Just be careful not to buy their pants with leg pockets, which may be interpreted as cargo pants.

Even Dollar General will sell affordable, uniform-style clothing, with slacks as low as $8 a pair. There is a Dollar General Market next to Babies ‘R Us at Nolensville Road and Old Hickory Blvd. As yet, Dollar General did not have uniform clothing in stock.

—>Here are the official guidelines for Metro Nashville Public School’s Standard School Attire, along with some example photos of what your child can wear.

If you’re looking for one-stop shopping, try the Mills and Dennis Uniform Shop in Maryland Farms. They supply uniforms to Nashville private schools, but you can buy the basics there, too.

—>Here’s a map to Mills and Dennis Uniforms in Maryland Farms.

Another local resource is the School Uniform Warehouse at 740 Thompson Lane. (615) 269-3135

Of course, we’re not limited to Walmart and Target. Many Nashville private schools make uniforms available through Land’s End. Did you know you can also order the same quality uniforms from Land’s End without a school logo? Here’s a link to the Land’s End uniform catalog online!

NOTE: Students who attend Williamson County schools do not have a standard school attire. Here is a link to the Williamson County school dress code.

—>Here’s a new article with specific ways to dress your child for Nashville’s school uniform rules, including questionable SSA clothing like jogging pants and black denim.