Melinda Doolittle Sings ‘Trouble Is A Woman’

by Meredith

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doolittle-trouble-is-a-woman.jpgMelinda Doolittle showed her Music City roots during American Idol’s Country Night. She rocked the crowd with a lively performance of “Trouble Is A Woman.”

Country star Martina McBride, who had never heard the song, admitted to being “a little worried” at first. After she heard Melinda Doolittle rehearse, though, McBride changed her tune…

“She really really sold that song.”

“She needs to show more of that with her song choices.”

As she confessed in last week’s results show, Melinda Doolittle may have never been in love. That didn’t stop her from showing the audience what it means to be “a woman with a man on her mind.” Her powerful vocals matched an on-stage energy we haven’t seen since her earlier performance of “I’m A Woman.” The up-tempo beat was just the shot in the arm her image needed after Simon Cowell’s recent criticism: “boring.”

What Melinda Wore:

Brentwood’s favorite background singer looked amazing tonight! You wouldn’t have known her from Latin night’s Celia Cruz costume. Her straight, shoulder-length hair shone under the lights; now and then stray locks shook onto her forehead as she danced. Melinda Doolittle wore jeans atop a funky black baby doll dress. Its strapless lines exposed her neckline and shoulders in a very flattering style.

What did the American Idol judges have to say?

Randy Jackson: “Another solid performance from our resident pro!”

Paula Abdul: “Once again, a girl that knows how to pick the right song.” “Wow!”

Simon Cowell: “I’m going to compliment you, so lose the surprised look.”
“It was fantastic.”
“Great choice of song.”
“You look much better this week.”
“I think we saw a little Tina Turner.”

All Melinda Doolittle’s hometown fans can breathe a sigh of relief. After tonight’s performance, she’s sure to make American Idol’s top 6.

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