Gas Lamp Antique Mall Near Brentwood, TN

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gas-lamp-antique-mall-nashville.jpgThere’s nothing I enjoy more than browsing a good antique shop.

Brentwood sits in between 2 large antique districts on either end of Franklin Road:

  • The shops in historic Franklin to the south.
  • The shops in and around 8th Avenue in Nashville.

One of my favorite “in between” antiquing jaunts is the Gas Lamp Antique Mall near 100 Oaks Mall in Nashville.

Gas Lamps Antique Mall

Gas Lamp Antiques is located in the Staples building on Powell Avenue.

Make a day of shopping for your new home by stopping next door at Home Depot and the EXPO Design Center, too.

Gas Lamp Antiques has many fine items, but it is not a “fine antiques” shop like those in Belle Meade and Franklin. I’d call it an eclectic blend of decorative items, furniture, smalls, and junque. You never know what the next twist of the winding aisles will bring!

Prices are all over the place. To me, that’s one of the reasons why it’s fun to shop. I can afford to buy, not just browse.

Gas Lamp Antiques is open every day of the week: 10 to 6, Monday through Saturday; 12 to 6, Sunday.