Melinda Doolittle Sings ‘Heaven Knows’ On American Idol

by Meredith

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melinda-doolittle-on-american-idolAmerican Idol’s adult contemporary episode whittles the contestants down to the Top 10.

Pop idol Gwen Stefani shelled out some gentle — but warranted — criticism to Haley Scarnato and Chris Sligh.

So when Melinda Doolittle rehearsed “Heaven Knows” by Donna Summers, guess what Gwen Stefani had to say:

“She blew me away. Amazing performance, beautiful and kind of mindblowing.”

“I would say good luck, but I don’t think she’s going to need it.”

As the disco beat from Donna Summers’ hit pulsed from the American Idol band, Melinda Doolittle practically danced onstage.

The up-tempo “Heaven Knows” was a great fit for a newly confident Doolittle, who’s garnered nothing but praise from audition onward.

—>Here are the original lyrics to Donna Summers’ 1977 hit “Heaven Knows.”

The American Idol judges, who haven’t varied during the season’s praises, said much the same. In fact, they complimented Doolittle’s consistency, giving her high marks for solid performances episode after episode:

Randy Jackson
: “You are living the words! That was the bomb AGAIN!”

Paula Abdul: “You have charisma from the word GO!”

Simon Cowell remarked that he didn’t think we’d look back and call this her best performance: “Vocally, as usual, outstanding. Hate the outfit.”


Hate The outfit??? What Melinda Wore

Melinda Doolittle’s look was in tune with the 1977-era hit and the recent resurgence of early ’80s style.

She wore black leggings, electric blue and white sheath, cinched at the waist with a wide black belt.

I couldn’t tell if the satiny Pucci print was authentically retro, though.

A handful of short, thin chains accented her shiny flipped bob.

The outfit said: young, trim, electric. (But try telling that to Simon Cowell!)

—>Where do Nashville stylists shop for hip, vintage clothes for music stars–like Melinda Doolittle’s Pucci print dress? Funky local boutiques include Local Honey Vintage on Eighth Ave. South, The Hip Zipper in East Nashville, or Katy K’s Ranch Dressing on 12South.

Despite the positive critiques week in and week out, Melinda Doolittle always manages to look hesitant at this point in the show. Perhaps she’s loosening up a bit, as the post-performance interview noted.

“It’s fun,” Melinda admitted.

“Embrace it! Hug yourself!” Ryan Seacrest urged her. And she did, wrapping her arms around herself with a self-deprecating smile. It’s like she doesn’t want to jinx herself by believing out loud.

Heaven only knows how Melinda Doolittle will react when she wins the 2007 American Idol competition!

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