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Finding A Dermatologist In Brentwood, TN

creekside-building-maryland-farms-how-to-find-dermatologist-in-brentwood-tn.jpg I needed a dermatologist in Brentwood, and I needed one fast.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s directory listed Dr. John Binhlam in Maryland Farms.

His office was able to make an appointment within 3 days. 

It wasn’t fun, but here’s what my patient experience was like with this Brentwood, TN dermatologist…

 I’ve had a few skin problems during pregnancy.

My previous dermatologist said not to worry about them.

But I kept worrying. 

When a skin tag became inflamed, I called the Advanced Skin & Laser Center for an appointment.

If the Advanced Skin & Laser sounds fancy, that’s because it is.  Dr. Binhlan sees regular dermatology patients, but the office also performs spa-style cosmetic procedures like laser therapy and varicose vein removal. 

—>Can I tell you how much I appreciate a doctor’s office with a full website?  It was great to read detailed directions online and even print out my new patient forms before arriving.


I still got lost, despite the fact that I drive to the Maryland Farms YMCA almost every day!

The clinic is located in a dead-end Creekside Crossings complex, just off Brentwood Blvd. and Juris Lane.

What a gorgeous environment!  I’d enjoy walking through the fountain-filled lobby each day.

Dr. Binhlan’s office was equally relaxing, with subdued beige walls and slate accents.

Good thing, because I had to wait almost an hour before seeing the doctor.

He took one look at the skin tag under my arm and then removed it–all within 5 minutes!  In fact, he numbed it so well and so quickly, he laughed when I asked him if it would hurt.

He had already taken it off, without my even knowing! 

Would I go back to the Advanced Skin & Laser Center in Brentwood?

Yes, I even have a second appointment in a couple of weeks.  Dr. Binhlan spotted a suspicious bump on my nose. 

I can’t say I look forward to its biopsy, but I certainly don’t dread another appointment with this Brentwood dermatologist.

—>You can check out Dr. Binhlan’s website here or call (615) 777-3376 for an appointment.