How To Find Cheap Gas In Brentwood, Tennessee

by Meredith

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Brentwood, Tennessee spans I-65 from Old Hickory Blvd. to Moores Lane.  Maybe all those interstate gas stations make it hard to find cheap gas in Brentwood!


I’ve used to research the cheapest gas stations in the Brentwood, TN area.  Here are my findings!


Finding Cheap Gas is a free website.

Just enter your Brentwood zip code on its map.

GasBuddy will give you the gas prices for every gas station.

If you prefer an easy-to-read table, Motor Trend also offers a free chart showing the cheapest gas prices in Brentwood, TN.

Here are my personal observations, combined with research from both sites.

funny-picture-gas-prices-in-nashville-tn.jpgI-65 and Old Hickory Blvd exit:

    • Most gas stations differ only by a penny.
    • The Shell on Franklin Rd. offers the highest prices, on average.

I-65 and Concord Road exit:

    • You’re out of luck.  The Concord Market has a lock on gas prices.
    • Your nearest gas stations are at Cool Springs or Franklin Rd.

I-65 and Moores Lane/Cool Springs Galleria:

    • Costco and Sam’s Club have the best gas prices in Brentwood (historically).
    • They also drive down the price at adjacent gas stations.
    • If you’re not a Costco member, fill up at the gas station across the street.
    • Home Depot sells gas, but more as a convenience than a cost savings.


Why Kroger has the best prices on gas, outside of Sam’s and Costco: kroger-cheapest-gas-brentwood-tn.jpg

If you spend $100 using your Kroger card, you get 10-cents off the regular price of gas. Unfortunately, the Brentwood Kroger does not have a gas station!

The Kroger gas stations closest to Brentwood are:

  • the Old Hickory Blvd/Nolensville Road location
  • the new Kroger in Nolensville/East Brentwood

If you know of a better place to find cheap gas in Brentwood, TN, let me know!