How To Sell Your Brentwood TN Home With YouTube Videos

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Are you trying to sell a house Brentwood, Tennessee — or just looking for your Brentwood dream home?

Here’s an innovative new way to see homes for sale in Brentwood, Tennessee.

But I have to warn you:  watching these real estate videos is downright addictive!

Earlier I told you about my friend. To help sell her Brentwood home, she designed a website showing off her home by using an easy-to-create, free blog.

But I think videos of homes for sale are even more fun to watch!

As the camera pans from one room to another, you get a clear sense of the home’s flow.  Much better than the old-fashioned picture slideshow!

5400 Square Foot Home in Brentwood, TN

If you’d like to make your own Brentwood home-for-sale video, YouTube makes it easy. There is a free editor available once you upload the raw footage. You can add your own music and subtitles.

Suggestions For Making Your Own Home For Sale Video:

  •  Use the highest resolution digital video camera you can find–or borrow.
  • Make sure your music is a good fit for the target real estate market. (Don’t use Baby Boomer hits for a young family subdivision!)
  • Show the entire neighborhood from the front porch, like this video did.
  • Don’t forget the address, price, and contact information

 Where To Use Your Home For Sale Video:

  • If you’re listing your home on websites like Craig’s List, simply include a link to the YouTube page.
  • Have your agent embed the YouTube video on his web page.
  • Include a link to the video on the bottom of the sales flyer.
  • Email the link to anyone who inquires about your home.

I know I’ll definitely be making a YouTube video if we sell our Brentwood home!

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