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Best Babyback Ribs In Brentwood, Tennessee

best-place-to-buy-full-slab-babyback-ribs-already-grilled-in-brentwood-tennessee.jpgMemorial Day weekend, BBQ cravings–

We stopped at Harris-Teeter before heading to Corky’s on Franklin Rd.  There was a huge grill outside, with hot babyback ribs for sale!

Can grocery store ribs really be as good as a restaurant’s?  We decided to find out…


I wasn’t so sure, but the smoky goodness — and the price — convinced us to try.

Harris-Teeter’s ribs were on sale for $6.99.

A full slab of ribs at a restaurant usually costs at least $12.

harris-teeter-babyback-ribs-fresh-grilled-brentwood-tennessee.jpg The manager explained that Brentwood’s Harris-Teeter will sell babyback ribs on Saturdays throughout the summer.

Memorial Day kicked off the grill-o-rama.

As we sampled a rib, my husband remarked that he liked his with a little less sauce.  No big deal–and we headed in for milk and eggs. 

In the checkout lane we saw shoppers’ carts piled with 6, 7, even 10 packs of ribs!

I have always loved Harris-Teeter’s great service.  Once again, they knocked our socks off.

Picking up our ribs on the way out, the cook handed my husband a special package.  "I heard you don’t like it too sweet, so I scraped most of the sauce off this slab before grilling."

Mmmm-mmmm!  These ribs were meaty, with very little char or gristle.  We both agreed, Harris-Teeter’s babyback ribs compare favorably to Corky’s.

My husband still prefers the Corky’s dry rub over a sweet sauce, but I thought the Harris-Teeter ribs tasted better.

How ’bout that potato salad?

Incidentally, I think Harris-Teeter’s deli potato salad is head-and-shoulders above Kroger’s.  It tastes more like homemade, with Hellman’s creamy dressing, a mustardy undertone, and nice chunks of pickle.