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How To Find Tennessee Foods and Farms

pick-tn-products-.jpgWe’ve written before about what a great resource the Pick TN Products website can be.

But when I started to count how many times I’ve used it over the last year, even I was surprised.

Find out why I’m such a loyal fan of the Pick Tennessee Products website for everything from groceries to gift baskets!

The Pick TN Products website is not a commercial venture.

The website is maintained by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s marketing division as a way of sharing information about local farms and their products.

As websites go, Pick Tennessee Products is easy to navigate, with lots of lists and detailed information in each link.

In 2007, I turned to the Pick TN Products website to answer several real-life questions:

I’m sure I’ll continue to use this great resource, and when I do, you can bet I’ll share the story here!

Tell me, have you used the Pick TN Products website for anything lately?