Easter Brunch Restaurants In Brentwood, TN Near Nashville

If you need to know where to eat in Brentwood, TN for Easter, you’ve come to the right place! We have suggestions for which restaurants are open Easter Sunday, which has the nicest Easter brunch, where to take out-of-town guests for Easter, and where to go if you don’t have a reservation.


Gluten-Free Dining at Longhorn Steakhouse

Here are suggestions for eating gluten-free at LongHorn Steakhouse in Brentwood and nation-wide. Though LongHorn doesn’t offer a specific gluten-free menu, there are safe entrees and sides to order there.

City Cafe – A Southern Meat & Three In Brentwood, Tennessee

We recently tried out Brentwood’s own City Cafe — at 330 Franklin Road in the Brentwood Center Shopping Place — and it was fantastic! The food is what I would call ‘comfort food’ since it makes you think of your grandmother’s cooking.

Review of Chile Burrito Co. in Brentwood, TN

There have been several new “mexican grill” restaurants that have opened up in northern Brentwood – is this a new trend? Maybe I just happened to notice, and these places have been in other areas all along. There are three…

Copeland’s of New Orleans Helps the Red Cross

What’s better than eating out, while contributing to the Red Cross? These days, when victims of hurricanes need our help the most, you can help in the relief effort by treating yourself to a night out….

Brentwood Grille

I’m sure you’ve seen the Brentwood Grille sign if you’ve been at the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd and Franklin Road. I believe it was Pargo’s in the past. I hadn’t ever been to Pargo’s, but we checked out Brentwood…

The Shoppes of Brentwood Hills

For the last few months of construction at The Shoppes of Brentwood Hills shopping center, I was excited to see all of the other retail stores opening there. I was looking forward to the Target store, but the addition of…

New Brentwood, TN Starbucks!

Northern Brentwood has a new Starbucks! Is it strange to pay four dollars for a cup of coffee? You bet it is, and I do it regularly….