Gluten-Free Dining at Longhorn Steakhouse

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Last September, I put together a post which contained a list of restaurants in Brentwood, TN that offer a gluten-free menu.

Since then, the new Longhorn Steakhouse opened in the Shoppes of Brentwood Hills shopping center in Brentwood, TN.

Yay! We no longer have to drive into the Cool Springs Mall area for a steakhouse.

Actually, I’m not much of a steak person, but my husband loves them. Finding what he would call “a decent steak” so close to home can only be a good thing.

The fact that this is the only sit-down restaurant on Old Hickory Blvd. between I65 and Edmonson Pike makes me think they’ll stay pretty busy — considering the volume of traffic that this route gets on weeknights at dinner time.

Since I am on an eternal search for easy access to gluten-free food, I thought I’d contact the Longhorn restaurant and see if they would be able to provide a list of gluten-free items.

Longhorn Steakhouse Gluten-Free Menu

I sent an email via their main website, and did get a reply the next morning.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the reply that I was hoping to get.

They didn’t have a gluten-free menu (which would have been great, but I didn’t really expect it).

Nor could they provide me with a list of ingredients — which I could have used to determine what was gluten-free and what wasn’t.

This makes it a bit more difficult, but not impossible, to enjoy Longhorn Steakhouse.

Beef, chicken, and fish — prepared without any seasonings — are safe.

Potatoes, other veggies, and rice are probably safe as well, provided they don’t have any sauce or seasonings. (If they do come with some kind of sauce or gravy then ask them to leave it off.)

You can always bring your own gluten-free items with you to a restaurant to “round-out” your meal:

More gluten-free options in Brentwood, TN.