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Best Black Friday Memory Card Deal

memory-card-black-friday.jpgIt looks like we’ll be braving the cold, dark morning of Black Friday after all.

My one-year-old, with her nimble fingers, has swiped not one–but BOTH–of my camera’s memory cards!

(Ironically, from the very same camera we bought on Black Friday a few years ago.)

My husband was Googling Black Friday ads this afternoon, and he spotted a great deal:

Circuit City will sell a SanDisk 2 GB SD memory card for only $6.99!

The same 2 GB memory card is on sale for $35 right now.

That’s a big savings! For only $6.99, I can afford to buy two.

Here’s my dilemma:

Is it worth getting up so early on Black Friday for such a small purchase?

Should I stand in line for measly memory cards with serious buyers out for Black Friday computer deals or flat screen tvs?

And how early do I need to get in line for Black Friday?

When will Circuit City open on Black Friday?

According to the Circuit City website, the Cool Springs location will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

On Black Friday, the store opens at 5 am and remains open until 10 pm.


The Circuit City closest to Brentwood is in Cool Springs, just off Moores Lane next to Home Depot.

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