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American Idol’s Doolittle Sings Diana Ross Song

melindadoolittle_dianaross.jpgBrentwood’s Melinda Doolittle met one of her own idols on American Idol’s Top 12 episode. Diana Ross was guest and musical inspiration for the night.

“I am an old school girl at heart,” Melinda confessed about the Motown star.

When Melinda Doolittle sang Diana Ross, she–and at least one of the judges–broke down in tears…

Yes, it was Paula Abdul.

But then Simon Cowell’s eyes started blinking uncontrollably. He tried to make a joke of it, but was he laughing–or crying with Paula?

Either way, Melinda’s powerful rendition of The Wiz hit “Home” hit home with the judges.
Here are a few quotations from my notes:

Diana Ross during Melinda’s rehearsal: “When you sing, I get goosebumps.”
Randy Jackson, of the performance: “I don’t know if it was my favorite…but it was very strong.”
Paula Abdul (weeping): I feel what you’re feeling…the joy…I’m so excited for you. This is it for you.”
Simon Cowell: “Why are you crying, Melinda?” (incoherent sniffles or laughs–you pick) “You remind me of a young Gladys Knight. Very good.”

—>Why was this song so emotional for Melinda and Paula? Read the lyrics to “Home,” from Diana Ross’ The Wiz album.

Host Ryan Seacrest asked Melinda how she felt onstage.
“I don’t remember it!” Melinda exclaimed.
Paula Abdul seemed to understand the phenomenon. “She’s feeling like she had an out-of-body experience.”

—>What did Melinda Doolittle say was the hardest part of her American Idol experience?
“The high heels and these dresses! I like my tennis shoes and sweat pants!” she laughed.

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