HGTV Design Stars Shop In Brentwood, TN

by Meredith

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Like everyone else in Nashville, I’ve been watching HGTV’s Design Star 3.

Busy sleuthing the house’s secret location, I almost missed the show’s run through Brentwood!

That’s right — the Design Star teams seem to do most of their shopping around Cool Springs, even when the Sara Evans suite project was located all the way over at Opryland.


Here are some of the Brentwood-area stores I spotted on Design Star 3…


I thought I recognized Crescent as the contestants shopped for Shabby Chic sofas.

Then, I was pretty sure I was looking at Sprintz.

But surely they couldn’t have gone downtown, then over to White Bridge Road?


Both stores have convenient showrooms in Cool Springs.


What about that architectural salvage store for Sara Evans peeling paint look?

This blog’s photo-rich recap of the Sara Evans episode shows the doors stacked at an architectural salvage store somewhere in Nashville.

I couldn’t figure out exactly where the doors were bought.  You can find similar old doors at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, but that wasn’t it.

Preservation Station Architectural Salvage is near Brentwood on 8th Ave/Franklin Rd.  That would be my guess, given its proximity to the other stores the contestants shopped in Cool Springs.


Do they really shop at TJ Maxx Homegoods?

Apparently so.  I thought these run-of-the-mill decor stores would be verboten on a real design show, but their easy shopping and accessories are just as appealing to the contestants as they are to the rest of us.

I’m sure that the TJ Maxx Homegoods was likely the Brentwood location on Franklin Rd.  I also spotted them running through JoAnn, followed immediately by a big bed/bath store.  Could it be our Cool Springs JoAnn and Bed, Bath, and Beyond?


What about that Shabby Chic antique store for the coffee table?

I know they showed the Nolensville Feed Mill and/or adjacent antique shops just outside Brentwood.  It is a great one-stop shop for the country/Southern/peeling paint look and not too far away from Cool Springs.

I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of exciting to see hometown Brentwood stores featured on TV!

However, I have to wonder if all this cross-town shopping creates timing problems for both teams.  Even as a native, it would take me the better part of a day to shop Cool Springs — and back.


Other stores in Nashville featured

HGTV even spotlighted a few unique Nashville stores for Design Star 3:

  • American Artisan
  • A Thousand Faces
  • Carissa’s Armoires
  • Curious Heart (near Brentwood at Berry Hill)
  • Hatch Show Print
  • Mad Mod
  • Pangaea
  • Rebecca’s Furniture (Franklin)
  • 10,000 Villages
  • Iron Gate (Franklin)

Did you spot any other unnamed Nashville stores on Design Star?