I Saw Brother Henry At Borders In Brentwood!

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LivePicA.jpgSaturday night we went to the Cafe inside the Borders bookstore in Brentwood.

I found that a group called Brother Henry was having an in-store performance and I figured we should go and check it out.

This was an opportunity to see a band that I hadn’t ever heard before, and even if they were bad it was ok. After all, we didn’t drive far and didn’t have to spend any money.

WOW. I was completely blown away. These guys are fantastic.

I didn’t have any idea what to expect, but if I would have had an expectation – they exceeded it.

The band consists of twin brothers David and Ned Henry, their older brother Jeff, and Park Ellis.

They’re fun to watch, too.

I actually ended up buying one of their new CDs Chasing Happiness. This is way out of character for me, as I am cheap and would normally look around to see if I could find it for less through another source. This is one of those CDs that will stay in my car for months until I wear it out on my commutes to and from work.

I won’t put too much effort into trying to describe the style of music, as everyone hears things differently. In short, I would call it “down to earth pop, with great harmonies”.

I checked the show schedule on their website and there aren’t any dates for Nashville listed. I’ll keep my eye on that and enjoy my new CD in the meantime.