Brentwood’s Melinda Doolittle in American Idol top 12 girls

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Brentwood, Tennessee backup singer Melinda Doolittle owned the stage during American Idol’s Top 12 Females episode tonight.

Her Aretha Franklin song sounded fabulous.
Her leather-jacket-and jeans style looked young and sassy.
And her comments from the judges?


American Idol’s Randy, the first to speak, couldn’t stop gushing. “You’re the bomb!”

Paula Abdul’s smile was deepened with respect. “You’re a firecracker!”

When the camera panned to Simon Cowell, I knew Melinda had hit her mark. Simon had a soft look in his eyes before he even said a word. He compared her performance to the other contestants: many had some talent with big attitude, but Melinda couples a powerful performance with humility.

A recent Tennessean article about Melinda Doolittle — a 1999 graduate of the Belmont School of Music — agrees.

For all her onstage energy, Melinda Doolittle just looks so sweet. Her downcast eyes, her sincere thank you to the judges…how can you not like her? Let’s keep our fingers crossed until Thursday’s episode of American Idol. Two contestants will be eliminated based on tonight’s votes.

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