Brentwood’s Melinda Doolittle Sings ‘Have A Nice Day’ On American Idol

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melinda-doolittle-have-a-nice-day.jpgJon Bon Jovi hosted American Idol’s Top 6 episode.

Female fave Jordin Sparks tanked with an off-key “Living On A Prayer,” but Brentwood’s Melinda Doolittle got a great workout — and great reviews — with “Have A Nice Day.”

Melinda might not know how to “rock on,” but she certainly looked the part!

Melinda nervously confessed to guest Jon Bon Jovi, “I am so bad at rock.”

Bon Jovi advised her well:
“You’ve got the soul, you’ve got the pipes, you gotta own it!”

melindadoolittle-rock-on.jpgHe playfully reached for heaven. “Raise my hands, it’s church!”
Melinda giggled. “Okay, I like church!”

As the cameras cut to the performance, we saw a shot of Melinda making fun of her rock inadequacy. She smiled, making a joke of the hand gesture for “rock on.”

I wasn’t familiar with Melinda’s choice of a newer Bon Jovi song. Here are the lyrics to Bon Jovi’s “Have A Nice Day.”

As Melinda roared onto the stage, I was reminded of Simon Cowell’s earlier allusion to Tina Turner. She gave a high-energy show, lots of movement, lots of sound. I didn’t feel the harsh tone of the song fit Melinda’s personality, but I could find nothing to fault with her performance.


What Melinda Wore

Melinda definitely looked ROCK tonight. I love her in casual clothes, including tonight’s fitted dark jeans and scoop neck, sleeveless tee. It was a faded black shirt accented with grommets and gothic lettering “Brixton” across the chest. (An avid soaps viewer apparently spotted General Hospital’s Lulu wearing the same shirt.) Melinda added glam with high heeled boots and straight, choppy hair.

—>Where to buy Melinda Doolittle’s Brixton shirt.
Melinda’s Brixton tank is made by a European company called Salvage. I couldn’t find the exact tank online, but here is a page with similar Salvage clothing for sale.


So what did the American Idol judges think of Melinda Doolittle’s rock debut?

Randy Jackson: “Not your best, but a great one.”
“A little Tina Turner attitude.”

Paula Abdul: “A great workout!” “Way to go–you’re a rock star!”

Simon Cowell: “I thought it was like a young Tina Turner.”
“I don’t know the song, but vocally, in a different league than anyone else tonight.”


Who will be eliminated?

Two American Idol finalists will be eliminated based on the Bon Jovi night’s voting. Which two will go?

Pale Phil Stacey will almost certainly go down “In A Blaze of Glory.” Meanwhile, Jordin Spark’s bad night may have her “Living On A Prayer.”

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