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Gymboree Play And Music In Brentwood, TN – A Great Place For Young Kids To Play

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By Lindsy

gymboree-brentwood-tennessee.jpg The same company that sells children’s clothing also offers children’s play and learn classes for kids aged newborn to 5 years.

Brentwood’s Gymboree Play and Music is located in a strip mall off of Mallory Lane behind Krispy Kreme donuts.

I have been taking my son to the play classes for a year now and he is still excited to go every week.

Here’s what it’s like at the Brentwood Gymboree Play & Music Center…

First Impressions

Inside, it’s visually stimulating for young kids with lots of color and shapes.

There are colorful padded mats on the floor, which are convenient for any falls that might occur!

There is also an assortment of fun structures to climb, slide, and jump on.

Gymboree Play & Music Classes

brentwood-tn-gymboree.jpg These weekly classes are set up by age so that the kids playing together are all around the same developmental and physical stages. (That way, you don’t have a 5-year-old running over a 1-year-old!)

There are many days and times available, so you can easily work a class into your child’s specific schedule.

They also allow you to attend another class during that week if you miss yours. I like this, since I am paying for it regardless.

What The Play Classes Are Like

The play class is 45 minutes long and is lightly structured.

gymboree-play-and-learn-classes.jpgIt is mostly a place for kids to play together in a safe and fun environment. However, there is a “teacher” in the class who keeps things moving along.

It starts out with a song and an introduction to the theme of the day. Then she walks around the room and explains how the structures fit in with that theme, and she encourages the kids to use their imagination.

For example, one theme was about cars. On that day, the structures were a pretend car wash and gas station. You get the idea. But if the kids want to ignore the theme and just run and play, that is fine too.

Besides the climbing and sliding structures, there are also:

  • hand puppets
  • a basketball hoop
  • a rowboat
  • buckets of balls
  • tunnels to crawl through

Fun Parachute Time!

Towards the end of the class, the teacher assembles the kids together again for parachute time.

First the kids get to play on the parachute with bubbles. Then they ride on the parachute as the parents pull them around. Lastly, they play under it while the parents hold it over their heads.

Then it’s time to say goodbye with Gymbo, the Gymboree clown.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost to me seemed a bit pricey at first: $65 a month.

If you compare the price to others, it is very comparable. I also checked out The Little Gym and My Gym.

Why I Like Gymboree Play Classes

brentwood-tennessee-gymboree.jpgThe reason I chose Gymboree is because they also offer open play, in addition to the classes. These are times during the week when there is no class and your child can just play on the Gymboree equipment.

Since my son goes to the open play once a week, that means I get 2 play times a week for the price of one.

I also like it because I take my son to his class one day and my husband takes him to the open play another day, and I get a mommy break!

I like Gymboree for many reasons:

  • It’s a clean and safe environment for my son to play in.
  • He has great interaction with other kids and has an opportunity to practice sharing.
  • He has an introduction to following instructions from a teacher.
  • I get to socialize too and talk to moms in the same boat as I am.
  • It’s especially nice on rainy days and in the winter when being outside is not an option.
  • It gets us out of the house weekly!


Where It’s Located

gymboree-play-and-music.jpg The location is great because it’s close to the Cool Springs Galleria mall for shopping and close to many places to eat in Cool Springs.

Krispy Kreme donuts and Cracker Barrel are in the same shopping plaza as Gymboree as well.

In addition to the Play and Music classes, art and school skills are also offered.

Gymboree Play And Learn

1731A Mallory Ln Ste 108

Brentwood, TN 37027

If you are interested in trying the Brentwood Gymboree, they offer a FREE trial class. Just give them a call at (615) 221-9004 or visit their website to schedule it.