Aldi Grocery In Franklin, TN: What You Need To Know Before Shopping At Aldi

by Meredith

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aldi-franklin-tn.gifHave you heard about the new Aldi grocery store in Franklin, TN?

Here’s why we think Aldi is such a neat place to buy groceries and why we’ll be driving from Brentwood to shop there!

In case you’re wondering, the next closest Aldi to Brentwood is on Nolensville Road — right across from the Nashville Zoo.


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Shopping at Aldi is different from shopping at other grocery stores.

Here are some things you should know before visiting Aldi:

  • Bring a quarter with you. You insert 1 quarter to rent your shopping cart. But you get the quarter back when you return the cart to its corral.
  • Be prepared to bag your own groceries after checkout. You can purchase plastic Aldi bags for 15-cents at checkout. Or do what most people do and grab an empty box while shopping. Besides, weren’t you meaning to go cloth, anyway?
  • Take cash or a debit card to pay. (No credit cards are accepted.)
  • Be adventurous. Aldi carries very few brands that you will recognize. Most are private labels. Aldi offers a double guarantee on every product. You can return any item for your money back and a replacement. (So far, I’ve only had to do this on the French cut green beans, which were very mushy.)


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Here are some products I enjoy buying at Aldi:

  • European chocolates and wafer cookies (Hey, it is a German company!)
  • Fresh flower bouquets (5 roses and filler for $2.99)
  • Seasonal produce at rock bottom prices, and everyday produce at good prices
  • Milk, yogurt, and powdered milk
  • Baking goods — if you didn’t stock up during holiday sales
  • Spiral sliced hams


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